Two pictures that sum up the Xbox 360 in Japan and in the States

The Xbox 360 launch in Japan compared to the launch here. Now why can't we get one when we want one here while they have an abundance over there? No worries, I'm still waiting on Halo 3. Which, by the way, seems to be coming along quite nicely if you've read the last weekly update.

This week, every day has felt like a Friday. We did a thing called the "Bungie Fair" which as really a big show and tell where the various groups – art, design, engineering, all showed off their work from our next project, some of it in the form of multimedia presentations, some of it in very real, discernable graphics, running as actual gameplay with placeholder graphics. Some of it even had sound effects and music.

So Halo 3 is somewhat playable. Now that I've totally let Halo 3 hijacked this post...on to the next one...


Dr. Seuss said…
i hsould read your posts before i put my own up. lol!

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