Christmas Flash-game

From eyezmaze's grow game collection (i don't think there's an offically a collection but the do all start with Grow so maybe there should be) comes Grow Ornament. Just in time for christmas too. The grow games are a bit different than your typical flash game, you basically have to try to "grow" the items to their fullest potential, here's a good description from the TIGforums

...the player is asked to add a collection of objects, one at a time, to the playing field, with the goal of enabling each of them to "grow" to its ultimate form. the player observes cause and effect in the objects' interactions with one another, and ideally deduces which order to play the objects in for the best result.

So go ahead and have some unique gameplay fun while you're spending the day either trying to not-work or not-shop. Enjoy!


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