EA lowers profit expectations

EA has warned Wall Street that they're expecting profit to fall way short of what they were shooting for. They don't expect this to last just for the holiday season either.

However, even more worryingly, EA doesn't believe that the problem is restricted to the holiday sales - and has also said that it will affect its projections for the fiscal fourth quarter, which runs from January through March.

Titles including James Bond: From Russia With Love, SSX On Tour and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat - all games from well-established franchises - are among the games witnessing slow sales, the company said.

I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that maybe the fact that there were no breakout games released this year had something to do with it. Just maybe don't you thnink EA?!? I don't recall droves of people rushing out to by James Bond: From Russia With Love, not at my local Best Buy anyway. Maybe I'm just crazy.


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