Half-Life 2 goes 64-bit

Valve has released 64-bit versions of Half-Life 2 to current Half-Life 2 owners via Steam. This article doesn't really mention any rela change in gameplay, just that it now works on 64-bit systems. I guess this can be seen as a kind of stepping stone for Valve, a precursor to the next Valve game that will probably make better and cooler use of the 64-bit-ness to give us Half Life 3. Maybe.


Anonymous said…
Strange. My local FYE had a Halo3 box up, and I know it's not something that Microsoft or Bungie would use in a Halo 3 campaign, but I'm sure it was something FYE put out on purpose to get people to put down some cash.

All i've got is a crappy cell phone picture, maybe I'll take my girlfriend's camera to the mall with me next time I'm up there.


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