The Square Enix lovefest

Slashdot has a nice roundup of sorts of the madness that was this year's Square Enix event in Japan. Final Fantasy XII got a Japanese release date of March 16, 2006 and there was even talk of the Final Fantasy VII Playstation 3 tech demo that was recently displayed at E3 i believe, might have been more than a tech demo. Square Enix said it was only a demo by they weren't ruling out making an updated version of that game. While I get that Final Fantasy VII was an awsome game (it pretty much single-handedly brought me to the joy of life that are RPGs), I think they're time would be better spent focusing their reesources on whatever they have cooking for the PS3 and/or the X360 and making that game as big for the next-gen platforms as FFVII was for the playstation.


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