Fans in uproar over Star Wars Galaxies update

Crazy drama going down over at the official Star Wars Galaxies forums over an update Sony made to the combat system despite most of (over 80%) the players voting against keeping the update. The update Sony made to Star Wars Galaxies was to the combat system. Now it would take playing every day for a few hours to become a jedi. That's only one of the many quips players have with this new system. Sony Online President, John Smedley, started a post giving Sony's stance on why the applied the updates. Sony's stance is basically, we made the changes and we're going to keep them no matter what you guys say...but tell us how we can improve it! This has ticked all sorts of people off and people are reportedly leaving in droves. I personlly think that making it harder to become a Jedi is a good thing for the game since it'll made it more significant. I say this as an outsider and someone who doesn't pay x amount of dollars a month to play Star Wars Galaxies.


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