Halo triple threat trifecta

Looks like we (actally EB games since they posted before the press release) were right about the Halo triple pack. MajorNelson posted up the official Microsoft/Bungie press release announcing the Halo Triple Pack:
Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie Studios announced today the "Halo" Triple Pack, a winning compilation that combines the excitement of "Halo: Combat Evolved," "Halo 2" and the "Halo 2" Multiplayer Map Pack into one impressive package. With an MSRP of $59.99, the "Halo" Triple Pack allows new gamers to experience the thrills and excitement of the "Halo" franchise at an attractive price point.
The groundbreaking "Halo" franchise has shattered global video game sales records, selling more than 13.8 million units worldwide and earning more than $600 million in revenue. "Halo 2" destroyed the previous day one video game sales record by amassing more than $125 million in sales within its first 24 hours. The franchise, one of the biggest and most successful in the industry, has also been the recipient of more than three dozen national and international awards, including 19 Game of the Year honors for "Halo 2." Those that are new to Xbox can finally find out what the buzz is about taking them through the entire "Halo" story from beginning to end.


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