Japanese developers spill beans on Xbox 360 developement

To sum up the mostly good vibes, developing for the Xbox 360 is cool and all but don't expect us to be blowing people away with this out of the gate titles. Seems like even the developers think it will be a while until this generation's capabilities could be reached. The tightly integrated developing evironment makes it easier to develop and port over exstitng code in to new code bases but the size limitation of the DVDs might be an issue. Sounds like we can expect a lot of multi-disc games.

From Software producer Masanori Takeuchi, who's been working on Enchant Arm, a role-playing game slated to be an Xbox 360 launch title, said developers will also be running into issues of storage space in the next generation. While the Xbox 360 is a next-generation console, Microsoft decided to equip it with a normal DVD reader rather than give it HD-DVD or Blu-ray reading capabilities.

"The volume of data in Enchant Arms won't fit into a single DVD. It's an RPG, so we're thinking it would be inevitable that we release it on two discs," says Takeuchi. "But to be honest, that's even looking grim."


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