Playstation 3 gpu isn't as strong as Xbox 360 gpu

Looks like ATI's Xbox 360 graphics card will be more powerful than the Playstation 3's Nvidia solution. Not that it means we'll see better games on one system vs the other, it just gives the Xbox 360 marketing team some more numbers to throw around.

The Inquirer reports that an nVIDIA spokesperson was quoted in the magazine saying that the RSX GPU is basically a slightly less powerful GeForce 7800.

That means that almost a year before launch, there’s a PC graphics chip that is more powerful than the RSX GPU found in the PlayStation 3. And make no mistake, this is not a crazy, speculative conclusion ; this comes straight from the company that makes both parts: the RSX and GeForce 7800 graphics processing units.

Ouch. Doesn't matter much to me though, if the Killzone 2 trailer shown at E3 was realtime, I'm sold. Has anyone heard whether this was real-time or pre-rendered?


Dr. Seuss said…
I think it was real time but was on a different hardware set up than the actual current version of the PS3. However, what I did hear was that the final version of the playstation 3 should be more powerful than the temporary set up that the killzone demo was run on. Of course, this could all be rumor, but I never claimed that I was right.
Curtis said…
You're always right!

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