Massive Nintendo eBay Auction

If you fiend for nintendo like I fiend for chocolate (dammit it's in my blood!), then you will probably salivate over this Nintendofest eBay auction. The auctioner is willing to part with all of their 2080 nintendo games, spanning the NES, SNES and the N64.
The lucky winner of this auction will receive the this MASSIVE lot all listed and pictured below. There are 1313 NES games (82 boxed and 54 complete), 530 SNES games (38 boxed and 27 complete), and 237 N64 games (10 complete and 8 boxed). That comes out to somewhere around 2,080 games!!! They are all listed below but I'll highlight a few of the more valuable ones. NES: Blackjack, Chubby Cherub, Castle of Deceit, Dragon Warrior 3, Final Fantasy, King Neptune's Adventure, Ms Pac-Man (tengen), Ms. Pac-Man (namco), Nobunaga's Ambition 2, North & South, Panic Restaurant, 2 Princess Tomato, and Tagin' Dragon. SNES: 3 Chrono Trigger, 4 Earth Bound, 2 E.V.O., Final Fantasy 2, 2 Final Fantasy 3, 2 Final Fight 3, Final Fight Guy, King of Dragons, 2 Lemmings 2, 2 Mega Man X2, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, Ogre Battle, 2 Secret of Mana, and 3 Super Mario RPG. N64: 2 Dr. Mario, Harvest Moon, 2 Kirby the Crystal Shards, and Ogre Battle. Here's the full list for those of you with more time!!!
[via kotaku]


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