Is the Nintendo Revolution's controller set to be displayed next month?

Spong's sources tell them Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, will be detailing Nintendo's Revolution controller and even a few Revolution games at his Tokyo Game Show address on September 16th. Since this is Spong that broke this story, I'l going to have to take this with a grain of salt, not a large grain but a grain nonetheless.

In other video game news

With all the Nintendo Revolution speculation floating around, 4 color rebellion put up all of the current Revolution controller mock-ups the public has seen so far.

MTV's has this show about people with obsessions called "Obessed". The first show profiles a cross-dressing cosplayer named Albarosa1116. Despite admitting the fact he liks dressing up as Japanese school girls, MTV still never asks him about the cross dressing. Yeah, "single and dating" my foot.

Microsoft plans to talk more about their Japan plan of attack the day beofre the Tokyo Game Show officially begins on Septembet 15th.

The Penny Arcade Expo starts today!

The latest DOOM movie trailer is looking pretty good. Not awsome but good enough to be intriguing. This new trailer aslo has a lot of the FPS sequence shots they showed off at ComicCon.

Get some background on hit-makers UBisoft and some insight into how they plan on dealing with powerhouses like EA.


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