Pick up an Xbox 360 for $700

If you don't like money and need an Xbox 360, why not pick one up from EB Games for only $599.93 (93?), the Xbox 360 core bundle, or $699.92 (92? wtf?), the Xbox 360 Ultimate Bundle. The prices are so high because being bundles, they come bundled with games. You'll get the same games with both bundles:
  • Perfect Dark Zero Limited Edition
  • Dead or Alive 4
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Project Gotham Racing 3
    It's the accessories that make the difference. Here's the Core list of what you get:
  • Xbox 360 Core System
    • Xbox 360 Game Console
    • Wired Controller
    • Composite A/V Cable
    • Xbox Live Silver
    • Xbox Live Gold 30-Day Trial
  • Extra Wired Controller
  • Memory Unit (required to save games without hard-drive)
    Here's the list the the big baller Ultimate Bundle:
    • Xbox 360 Premium System
      • Xbox 360 Game Console
      • Wireless Controller
      • Combination High-Definition Component and Standard A/V Cable
      • 20GB Hard Drive
      • Ethernet Cable
      • Headset
      • Universal Media Remote
      • Xbox Live Silver
      • Xbox Live Gold 30-Day Trial
    • Extra Wireless Controller
    • Play & Charge Kit (for extra controller)
    • Rechargeable Battery Pack (for included controller)


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