Women sells Fiance's "Gameboy DS"

Live in Denver and want to pick up some a cheap DS ($100!)? There a post on craigslist where this woman is selling off her fiance's video game goodness, we're too late for the PSP but all is not for naught. I'm picturing a fight where in said fight an ultimatum was issued, "either we get rid of this crap or I'm gone!". Maybe we'll never know...oh well, his loss is your gain! She's also selling some other man-stuff:
  • Gameboy DS w/ 1 game - $100
  • Nintendo Advance w/ 20 games - $300
  • XBox w/ 6 games, headset, XBOX LIVE, 16MB Memory Card, HD TV Hookups, 2 controllers, DVD remote, all cables. - $200
  • HP Fax 1240 - $100
  • BUMPER POOL TABLE THIS WAS USED MAYBE TWICE THE WHOLE YEAR. BOUGHT FOR $750 SELLING FOR $200. This is in Milwaukee so you would either have to pay for it to be shipped or go to Milwaukee to get it.
  • Laundry by SHELLI SEGALL DRESS. Guys I know you have know idea what this means so pass this onto ur girlfriend or wife. THis is the best dress ever but it never fit me right. I never even took tags off cuz I never wore it! Its size 8 but fits more like a 6 or smaller. I paid $300 for it at Neimans. COME OVER AND TRY IT ON!!! - $100


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