The day in review

Didn't have much time to post today so I figured I'd lump all the kewl stuff into one long post. Jam on it and enjoy the weekend!

Some bloke posted up some Project Gotham 3 compared to the same shots in real life pics on the gamin-age forums. They look good but the car looks a little rubbery/plasticy and seems to "pop out" of the image more.

The pimp hand is way strong with Austrailian developers Perception. They respond to JoWooD's recent Perception bashing by calling them liars, crazy people and libellous playa haters. Turns out that Perception holds the Stargate license anyways and that because they told JoWooD that they were about to terminate their contract on August 5th anyways, JoWooD wanted to get their shots at Perception in the media first. Not looking good on JoWooD's part.

Sony is one of the hands that feeds Gamespot?

Looks like there might be some images from a Nintendo Revolution tech demo. I call bullsh!t.

Tired of first and third person shooters? Have a go at a second perosn shooter. Watch yourself from your enemy's perspective. Woah.

Major pwner Fatal1ty, plays Quake 4, which is looking a lot like Doom 3.

Ex-Dreamcast now Xbox evangelist Peter Moore speaks with Spong on the greatness that is the Xbox 360. I like how he says their keeping Perfect Dark Zero under wraps on purpose because it's so awsome. Yeah...right.

Surely making use of his connections, Florida gov'nah Jeb Bush rocks the gridiron in Madden 06.

and finally, someone sheds some more light on what F.E.A.R. is all about.


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