Halo 3 coming your way in 2007?

Say it ain't so! Apparently Fox and Universal have reached a deal in regards to the Halo movie (which will most likely be turned into a new franchise). Microsoft had to give up some creative control and it looks like Bungie will not have any final say powers but they will supposedly be consulted on pretty much everything. It's also nice to hear Alex Garland (of 28 Days Later fame) will be rewriting the current script. What bugs me is that Microsoft is apparently planning on releasing Halo 3 around the same time of the movie to "reach optimal marketing potential". Ugh. So that means no Halo 3 counterpunch to the Playstation 3's release. It's been kind of obvious that Halo 3 wasn't going to be released early next year since we haven't even seen anything yet. We need something to sustain us Bungie, you hear me! Please? Pretty please? me = not above the begging.


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