Analyst says teens interest in console gaming on the decline

With all the text messaging those crazy kids do now and days, I'm not surprised to read about the teens interest in console gaming is on the decline. If they (they being the game industry in general i guess) can figure out a way to integrate console games into LiveJournal, I'm sure all problems will be solved.

The students were also surveyed on video game products and other consumer electronics. Results of the survey point out 79 percent of student households have at least one video game platform and 58 percent of students stating that they are occasional game players (playing at least monthly). In addition, 65 percent of student households own Sony's PS2, 50 percent own Microsoft's Xbox and 26 percent own Nintendo's GameCube. GameStop was recognized in the survey as the leading retailer for pre-owned video games with 60 percent market share and 29 percent market share for teen video game purchases. The survey also pointed out that 75 percent of teens say their interest in video games is declining and 78 percent indicated they spent less time playing in 2005.


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