Project Gotahm Racing Cars have more polygons than expected

Bizarre lied about the poylgon count of most of their car models in PGR3!?!?! I am shocked and awed.
It's not so much they lied (like everyone is freaking out about) but more like they underestimated. They whole "we lied, we're actually more awsomer than we said before!" angle is good for getting the hype out. When I saw "They lied!!" I was thinking the poly count was going to be lower or the game wouldn't be coming out until 2008 or something similarly disappointing.  But I digress. Bizarre previously stated that their car models were going to be around 80,000 polygons but now, closer to release, their models ended up being anywhere from 85 to 105,000 polygons. I just hope the game is fun to play. 1up has the new images Bizarre released laid out nicely. 2 wireframe images and 2 (in-game?) finished model shots.


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