McD's rocks the free WiFi for all you Nintendo DSers out there

If you were Nintendo and you were trying to launch a free WiFi network for your DS enthusiats, how would you ensure that your cusomter would be able to get a connection on almost every street corner and in every mall? Why, you would partner with McDonalds of course. Nintendo teams up with the original fat burger in to bring their WiFi network to the (soon to be morbidly overweight, more so than now)  masses.

Nintendo of America has signed a deal with McDonald's to put Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 7000 restaurants across the US, giving DS owners free access to the new Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

McDonald's already offers wireless internet access to owners in restaurants around the country, but charges a fee. The access points are supplied by Texan firm Wayport, which will receive an undisclosed sum from Nintendo for providing wireless access for the DS.


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