PS3 losing developers to the Xbox 360?

Citing the expensive costs (2 billion yen to start developing, that's $17.6 million) and how much harder it is to program games for, many developers may be jumping the Playstation 3 development ship for the lush, green hi-def paradise that Microsoft is making the Xbox 360 out to be. Developing for the Xbox 360 will cost less and is more akin to developing for Windows, which many developers are already familiar with. Could this explain Sony's, or more specifically Ken Kuturagi's, lack of comments lately? I'd say all PS3 developers should get together and finish KillZone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4. That would make it all worthwhile.
One journalist, a veteran of the industry, observes, "The Xbox 360 is selling at 39795 yen [US $350], whereas the PS3 will probably be more expensive. To draw a comparison with PC operating systems, the Xbox 360 is like a low-cost and stable version of Windows, while the PS3 resembles a high quality Macintosh [operating system]. Considering the economic variance within the world market, we may find that console selection depends heavily on geographic location."


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