More Mass Effect details

BioWare's upcoming (not anytime soon mind you) Mass Effect for the Xbox 360 has been getting some good buz since ther project's official unvieling at the recently-wrapped X05 event in Amsterdam. Coming off of their KOTOR and Jade EMpire successes, it would be hard to think that this game would be anything but a mass sucker of your free time. Apparenlty Mass Effect is the beginning of a massive trilogy spanning across multiple worlds and maybe even universes in a whole technology vs organic type situation. More specifically:
Set in the 23rd century, the action/RPG/adventure begins as humans are on the cusp of new advancements in space exploration. These new findings allow them to reach the outer realms of the universe, and in doing so, we realize that intelligent life and well established civilizations are prevalent in a number of galaxies beyond our own. The twist to the game comes in form of what exactly those civilizations consist of; it becomes a conflict of nature vs. technology. Entire races of artificial intelligence become the biggest threat to organic life and you will ultimately shape the destiny of the universe across the epic trilogy, with Mass Effect being the first.
Anywhoo, the screens look pretty.



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