More Xbox 360 press event impressions...

More feedback is coming in on the, Meet the Xbox 360 - Love the Xbox 360, press gathering Microsoft has been throwing since yesterday. Kotaku's tech-obsessed sibling, Gizmodo, dug all of the games except Kameo which they described as basically a fairy running around and kicking people. But all was not lost, Project Gotham Racing 3 produced quite the soilage in the Gizmodo's writers pants:
...your humble correspondent felt blood and stool on his leg while fighting Jerry in CoD2.
That's too bad about Kameo, but it's good to know that the other proposed launch titles (I won't beleive any of'em will launch until i see them) will still have us reaching for the Depends.
The anti-Gizmodo Engadget (which has their own gaming website, despite Joystiq being a part of the same was less awe-inspired than everyone has been so far. They also saw Kameo as a bit of a letdown although they heard it's supposed to get better they further you get in the game (if it holds your interest for that long that is). Overall, they liked it but they weren't in love with it. they acknowledged that a lot of people with pick up an Xbox 360 since it will truly be the only "next-generation" system available.
Me? I think I'm going to hold off for Halo 3 or the PS3, whichever comes first ;)




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