John Carpenter, spokesman for F.E.A.R.

John Carpenter dug VU Game's F.E.A.R. so much that he had to be thier spokesman.
The first thing that got me was the graphics. I always approach a game, mainly because of my background as a director, in terms of its graphic look. How does it look? Does it look real? Does it feel real to play? And I thought when I played F.E.A.R. and watched F.E.A.R., "This game has taken a giant step forward in terms of gaming." This is awesome. The freedom of movement, the character movement, the character development onscreen, the graphics, it's just a whole lot of fun.

I got excited about a game years ago called Metal Gear Solid. I thought that was terrific. The director of that game [Hideo Kojima] wrote me a letter and I praised it. Now this is the first game that's come along that I thought was better than that. This game is exceptional.

That's a pretty big name and that says a lot about the game itself. It would say a lot more about the game if when knew what king of gamer Carpenter is. More casual or does he have his own high-end laptop/pc that he uses to play bleeding edge pc games in addition to owning all current consoles. Still, reading the interview, you can tell the guy is passionate about this game and the craft in general. It's cool to see such a big "name" get behind a game they like.


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