This whole Lutz inspired Hex168 mess

I was going to do a long post on my thoughts, interpretations and musings on this whole hex168 puzzle going on but since the "game" is up in three hours anyway (the countdown is anyway), I think I'll wait until we ifnd out just what this might be. Does this make me excited? Am I tingling with anticipation? No, I can't say I'm even close, and I actually activated axons for ilovebees. I'm hardcore but after the let down that was ourcolony and origien360, I'd rather buy a PS3 than invest in any more trivial Xbox 360 games. Yeah, I said it! Until I get some friggin big news related to something I care about, I don't need to waste my time making educated guesses and trolling forms for the little clue that gets me that much closer to a flipping screenshot. boo!


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