Jack Thompson is still crazy

Doesn anyone even listed to this guy anymore? Apprently he found a media outlet to spill some more, untrue gossip. He's now claiming that Eidos is (on the always reliable inquirer site) is shelving their upcoming 25 to Life game indefinitely since they no longer want to release it ever. Why do they want to throw out an almost completed title and waste all that they've put into it so far? Why to avoid the legal sh!tstorm that is senior Thompson himself. Oddly enough, when Edios was contacted for comment, they claimed to not know of these developments and to not even know Thompson himself.  Of course. Just what will happen if Eidos does decide to release the game (making Thompson look even more like the crazed-crazy man he is)?
Of course, even if these rumours from Thompson prove to be incorrect, Mr. Thompson himself says, "If they haven't pulled it, we're gonna sue their butts."
I am so going to buy this game.


Dr. Seuss said…
It makes you want to buy it simply because there are people out there who think you shouldn't be able to. Well, they can bite me!

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