Rumormongering: Is World of Warcraft coming to the Xbox 360?

I noticed this little nugget in my weekly check of Gamespot's Rumor Control (which isn't always weekly, for shame gamespot, i need consistency!). The little nugget being that World of Warcraft may be coming to the Xbox 360. The logic behind this speculation? Some recent "for hire" postings on Blizzard's website. Nevermind the fact that Starcraft ghost was recently noticed as " coming-soon to next gen consoles", logic be damned! WoW should come to the Xbox 360 just because I don't want to have to spend a month's worth of paychecks to get my pc to the point to where it can run World of Warcraft without making my pc smoke and choke. I would be all over the Xbox 360 (the version that comes with the hard drive of course) for some WoW lovin.
p.s. because I [heart] master chief, I also have to through in the little Halo 3 related tidbit mentioned in Gamespot's rumor control as well. the Halo 3 release date may be August 1st. Why? Because of this whole hex168 mess going on. I'll post on it here in a sec.


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