Adidas opens up shop in Second Life

Adidas has commissioned marketing firm Rivers Run Red to open up an Adidas outlet in the virtual world of Second Life. In Adidas's new, virtual store, your Second Life avatar can score some a3 Microride's which add some bounce to your avatar's step. This is interesting in a marketing-company-branches-clients-out-into-new-mediums kind of way but this would be more interesting if Adidas themselves opened up a real, genuine virtual shop through which they sold more than one shoe. I think that scenario is still a ways off. But back to the point, you can get these new kicks for your avatar for around L$50 which apparently around $0.20 USD. Nice and cheap means you may be seeing a lot of Second Life Adidas fans running around with these, or at least, that's what Adidas is hoping.


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