Nintendo Wii gets priced and dated

November 19 for $250. That is both the date Nintendo is launching the Wii on as well as how much the Wii will go for. This will put two consoles out before the Playstation 3, even though the Playstation 3 is supposed to be launching this here in the U.S., it was pushed back until next year for Europe. Nintendo also confirmed that there will be 25 titles available for the Wii on it's release and every Wii will come with a game package called Wii Sports. Usually, when a console is first released, it may come with one game. Packaging the Wii with this compilation should work out pretty well. And while 25-30 games available for the Wii by the end of this year sounds nice, don't expect Mario to be one of them. The next generation Mario game isn't expected to get released until next year as well. Here's a round up of all the details:

  • -The Wii will be released in North America on November 19th

  • -The Wii will retail for $250

  • -Every Nintendo Wii will also come packaged with a sports compilation (disc or preinstalled?) titled "Wii Sports"

  • -Nintendo plans to have 25-30 titles available for the Nintendo Wii by the end of 2006

  • -Mario will not be released until 2007

  • -Wii games will retail for $50

  • -30 classics will be available on the Wii virtual console when the Wii is released

  • -Downloading games from the Wii virtual Console will cost you $5 to $10

  • -You will also be able to use the Wii to display your digital pictures on your TV

  • -You will also be able to browse the web on your TV through the Wii.(I wonder what type of browser they'll use, Mozilla, Opera or something else?)

  • -The Nintendo Wii will not be launched in Japan until December 2nd

Overall, Nintendo is definitely marketing themselves in a different way compared to the upcoming PS3 ("We're expensive, but we're sooo worth it") and the Xbox 360 (HDTV = Xbox 360 = Fun(they've got the whole casual game thing going on too but for the sake of this pun, I'm going with the HD-TV jab)) and being different can help them thrive. I know many people will be picking this up just for the classic games but I think a lot of families will be into the whole family play concept Nintendo is pushing this time around. Only a few more months...

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