Is there a HALO RTS game on the way?

Tha makers of the Halo themed Command & Conquer Generals Halogen mod recieved a cease and desist from Microsoft a few days ago, cancelling the 3 years of progress the Halogen mod team had made. How do this mean that an official Halo RTS game is on the way? Well, 1up looked into this and it basically amounts to a few interesting notables. The notables being:

1. Why did Microsoft wait for three years before stopping work on that mod? Did the mod awaken some internal Halo RTS interest?

2. Bungie has a few star employees working out of an office in Texas where Age of Empires (a popular RTS none the less!) makers Ensemble Studios are based.

3. Halo originally started out as an RTS game. Does Bungie plan on finishing the game they originally set out to make?

A Halo RTS would sell like hot cakes but all this speculation is all we have for now.



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