The Nintendo Wii will be reigon free!

The Nintendo Wii will not care which country you buy it or it's game in, it play play any game, any where. That's right, the Nintendo Wii will be Reigon Free (yes that did deserve capitalization). From Wired's Joel Johnson:

Wired had the opportunity to sit down after with Nintendo Vice-President of Marketing & Corporate Affairs—not to mention affable conference host—Perrin Kaplan to ask a few questions that weren't addressed in the press conference.

• Will the Wii be region-free? Yes. Like the Nintendo DS, the Wii will be able to play games from other regions, such as Japan, without any restriction. Kaplan implied there might be a region lock that publishers would be able to flip on, but it doesn't sound like the first-party titles from Nintendo will be restricted.

Ok, not as good as I made it sound since it seems like publishers could still restrict certain games to certain territories but it's better than the alternative.

[more of the interview]


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