Cover of the new Halo novel, Ghosts of Onyx!

In this week's Bungie update, Bungie's Frankie interviewed the writer of all of the official Halo novels Eric Nylund. It was a good interview since I personally didn't know too much about him (he has a blog too! i'm subscribed). I'm a big fan of the Halo novels though and I would totally be into any project that Nylund's involved in. He touches on the as-yet unreleased Halo novel Ghosts of Onyx but he doesn't spill any secrets. What we do get is a view of the completed cover and unfinished back of the book. And Frankie being the tease, tantalizes and mesmorizes with this tease:

ZOMG! What's that crazy looking non-Spartan armor? Oh, wouldn't YOU like to know

Yes dammit, I would like to know! I am so ready for Halo 3. Bring. it. on.

(the front)

(the back)


Anonymous said…
hi, i'm a halo book fan. and i love the books. never played the game. so i may have missed something from the game. or just not reading it enough. but, aren't there suppose to be spartans in colored armor and wheres master cheif!!!!???
Curtis said…
master chief is off doing other things apparently during the course of this particular novel. I think it may tie in to the actual Halo 3 game itself. There is also another novel in the works which I'm sure covers what he's doing in more detail

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