Moore on why the Wii is no direct competition

While Peter Moore in the past talked up the Wii he now seems a little less than impressed.

Moore: In a lot of instances, it will be a No. 2 box because it's priced accordingly. The fear I would have is that people will buy the box and only play a few games. I think you'll pull it out at parties. It's fun for a few minutes, but I'm not sure (how long that will last).

Oh schanp! He basically calls the Wii nothing more than a party trick. He continues to talk about stuff, gaming and the Xbox 360 I'm guessing but out of both pages and all those words, all I could see was Halo 3.

What can you say about "Halo 3?"
Moore: It's coming out in 2007. The game is going to be even a quantum leap from "Halo 2." We've allowed Bungie to really get this game to the next level, as "Halo 2" was from "Halo," "Halo 3" must be from "Halo 2." The multiplayer aspects of it must continue to redefine the way we play games.

Hell yeah.
You can check out the rest of the interview here


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