Ninjas on the Playstation 3...and the Xbox 360

There's a lot of Ninja news lately and in that respect, this bit of news makes good sense. And by "good sense" I mean, "gives me one reason to sell my body so I can afford to buy a Playstation 3". Why? Because Team Ninja is bringing Ninja Gaiden to the Playstation 3! Oh actually reading the article I got this from, it looks like Ninja Gaiden on the PS3 will only be a more beefed up version of Ninja Gaiden Black, which I already can't beat on my Xbox. I don't also need to not beat it on the Playstation 3 as well. (Seriously, I cannot be that damn tank. I always run out of arrows). What's exciting is that Team Ninja front man by day and ninja by night, Tomonobu Itagaki, teases and tantalizes about an upcoming Xbox 360 Ninja Gaiden game.

"If you're working on a game like Ninja Gaiden 2, where it's really important that enemies are smart and challenging, then we might use up to two threads on AI," he noted, before clamming up on the subject.



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