Pre-ordering the Wii

There's some good Wii pre-order information over at Infendo. Apparently, the Nintendo store in New York could be thousands of Wiis on launch day and if you pre-order, you're pretty much guaranteed one. Amazon openend up pre-orders for the Wii last Friday, but all of their pre-order slots were gone in a matter of hours. This bumped the Wii up to number 6 on the most popular game hardware chart. Right now (this hour) it sits at number 20, and you can't even pre-order it now. What's most encouraging is that a supposed Nintendo Store insider states that if you don't pre-order your Wii you may have to wait until Nintendo sends out the second shipment of Wiis which is...the next day! What!?!? If so, that would almost guarantee that everyone and their mom will have (and will probably be paying too) Wiis this holiday season. Nintendo seems to be on track to hit some good numbers for the Wii, and this information doesn't hurt :)


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