IGN vs bloggers...pt.1

Looks like IGN doesn't think too highly of bloggers if this IGN employee's comments on Joystiq are anything to go by. Under the he posted numerous comments on Joystiq but a recent particular comment irked the Joystiq writers:

When one Joystiq commenter wrote about the "writers and editors at Joystiq," "GSI" responded, "CORRECTION: The bloggers of Joystiq. Don't give them too much credit. This isn't a real gaming media site such as 1Up, IGN, GameSpy, Gamespot, etc."

Ouch. Rule #1 of attacking a video game blog...don't do it on their blog. Seriously, do personal attacks add anything of value, ever? I know us wee little small time bloggers don't get invited to all the posh events and we don't get to review ever single game (I get a few here and there) but granted, we're doing this because we're passionate about our games and we like what we do. Is there anything wrong with that?

Attacking a video game blog rule #2...don't use your corporate e-mail address to do it. Joystiq probably would have never known that this chap worked for IGN if he didn't use his corporate IGN e-mail account. Honestly, when you submit that data to their website, they're bound to keep track of it.

Do I think this is how all of the big game sites think? Not really. But c'mon man, can't we all just get along?


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