Major Nelson gets interviewed too...

Screenshot heavies Xboxyde got the chance to interview Major Nelson and oddly enough, besides all of the good Xbox 360 dish he dished, he did spill some secretive beans about the Zune:

Can you tell us about Zune?
Major Nelson: I’m not allowed to! I’m not allowed to say what it does. I’m not allowed to tell you that I have one with me. I am allowed to tell you that you guys will be happy with what we’re going to announce, and I am allowed to tell you that it’s going to be a fun autumn.

He has one!?!?! I'm guessing that, by his comments, there will be some kind of Xbox 360/Zune interaction. What kind? I'm not so sure since I'm not completely sure what the Zune does just yet. Either way, the fact that people like Larry exist is a huge boon to the success of the Xbox 360. Microsoft has done well in establishing a relationship with the Xbox 360 audience while Sony, quite simply, has not. Who is Sony's voice to the crowd. Where is their personal touch? All I'm asking is for them to open up a little but, establish a dialog with gamers who want to be Sony Fanboys/girls. They need to do something because all is not boding well for the upcoming PS3 launch.


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