Liveblogging my reaction to LiveBloggers liveblogging Sony's TGS Keynote

The only live blogging of Sony's TGS conference that I found was at Kotaku. They have a totally monopoly on the live blogging of the Sony press conference right now so my live blogging will be my reactions to I guess just their live blog. Blog on!

-Sony starts off the conference a little late,
Maybe Sony is going to come out and announce that the keynote has been delayed until Spring 2007.

Kotaku, surely you jest!?!

-false alarm. Kutaragi showed up, and he brought 200 Playstation 3s with him. Nice. Here come descriptions of the trailers.

-after all this flashy talking and reading about how good the trailers look all I can think about is that Cameron diaz movie about finding yourself in this crazy, mixed up world, "there's something about mary"...."why do you build me up, buttercup baby just to let me down, and jerk me around and then worst of all, you never call baby like you say you will..."
No Ken Kuturagi, you never did call me after you left me to drown in my own puddle of tears after realizing the Final Fantasy X did not play like a CG movie on the Playstation 2, like I was led to believe!! Damn you!! me tomorrow?

-hey, waitamintue, IGN has a live blog too! Your fiendish plan to monoplize the live blogging of Sony's keynote has been foiled!...

-the only trailer I wish I had seen is the Mobile Suit Gundam trailer, big mechs wrecking shop gives me warm fuzzies...

-Ken starts talking about the internet and about what people may be able to do with their PS3s. Is this going to lead to a specific announcement, or is he just going to wax philosophical on what may or may not be possible some day soon...or later

-did he just say (so that IGN and Kotaku could live blog it so I could then later read it) that you'll be able to play PS1 and PS2 games via emulation through the internets? sweet...

-woah, 4ookers of Honolulu is on HBO

-changed that channel fast...all I heard was "once I completed the change from man to woman"! the tv's distracting me anyway...

-huh? Ken shows a clip of some animals on an African plain and that's it?

-Looks like I meant Afrika

-and now a Q&A session. that's good because the press conference so far has unimpressed...

-Ken gets asked why only the higher end Playstation 3 comes with HDMI support included. it's because he wants to give the people a choice to not pay for it if they don't want it. All versions of the PS3 will come with at least an HDMI port.

-Ken also gets asked about the price of the PS3 and he still fails to set a for sure price. "below 50,000 yen" is what he says. he could've said 50,000 rubies and I'd still have no idea how much that is in USD (note to self: memorize Yen to USD exchange rates). That seems to be about it. Nothing earth shattering or all that concrete it seemed to me. This close to launch and we don't even get a set price?

and that seems to be it for my live blogging. thanks for watching :)

[UPDATE: fixed some gramatical errors]


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