Life of an EA intern

A few EA interns who spent this past summer doing some game work for EA, gave MTV the low down on what interning for a massive video game publisher like EA is really like. These interns were doing actual work. Whether it was programming or design, they got to help out. A couple of interns detail the work they put into EA's next Tiger Woods game, one basically created the crowds while another made sure display elements where displaying what they should be displaying. I have to try out this burger eating food contest that some EA employees take part in. Apparently, the burger is a bit spicy.

The whitewater trip was a bonding moment for the interns, but the burger contest? Stein is loathe to talk about it. "I normally go straight in for the spicy food, but I thought, 'What if it's really hot? And I've got half the day ahead of me.' " He'd been at the burger joint at the same time as Wang, who'd wolfed hers down with the help of some iced tea. "There's spicy, and then there's pain," she said. "This was like eating pain." As Wang ate, Stein looked on in shame. "It was an incredibly emasculating experience," he recalled.

When I hear of eating a food as being similar to eating pain? I gots to have it. What was kind of interesting though is the fact that these interns had to put in some overtime but they got paid overtime wages. I wonder how much overtime they had to put in? Eh, it probably wasn't much and I'm probably just reaching for some controversy that isn't there.

[mtv article]


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